Banking & Finance are complicated industries. Why not leave the legalities to the experts?

At Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants, our banking and finance lawyers combine their regional expertise and in-depth understanding of the global markets to achieve the best results for our clients. Since 2011, we have successfully handled disputes in the Banking and Finance sector.

Our finance lawyers and legal consultants regularly advise directors, executives, institutional investors, and government authorities on a wide range of corporate banking, private banking, and finance governance issues in the UAE.

Banking & Financing Legal Experience and Expertise Include:

  • Managing Funding Arrangements (Traditional Loans, Sharia Products, Alternative Lending Arrangements, and Fintec)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Restructuring Finance
  • Compliance with Central Bank
  • Islamic Finance
  • Investments (Real Estate, Banking, Stocks, etc.)

Legal Project Management Services

We offer legal project management services to our clients interested in investing in various sectors through UAE and beyond. Our banking and finance team not only keeps track of the project’s progress, but we also help in case of any contract disputes.

It’s while keeping your interests in mind that we ensure you understand all the clauses in your agreements, and that contractors follow your contractual agreements. We also make sure your contractors follow all the required steps through the project’s lifespan and development.

Our team of banking and finance legal experts are well-versed and specialized to handle cases in all industries. This is why we can and are ready to handle most of our clients’ projects, and work together with you to help resolve any disputes you may have.

You can trust and depend on us at Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants on providing the best legal services on various sectors including Family Law, Criminal Law, and Corporate Litigation. We can also handle specific areas of concern like Employment Law, Maritime, Intellectual Property,  and Construction.

If you need any help with Legal Project Management Services, just contact us by phone or use our form at the end of the page to send us a message. Our representatives will schedule a consultation and get in touch with you.