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Ziad Chebli Partner

Languages : English, Arabic, French

Location : Dubai

Over the span of his 25 year’s career in litigation and arbitration, and his expertise in Arabic, French and English language, Ziad has represented major domestic and foreign corporate clients and has been, and continues to be, involved in important disputes in the region.

Ziad is a Chebli, Lebanese national, educated at Saint Joseph University of Beirut and has a DES degree in private civil law.

Ziad started his career in 1996 with an aim to provide useful, innovative and responsive counsel to financial institutions and companies.

Since then, he has been and still is a consultant and legal advisor to a number of financial institutions, insurance companies and private corporations keeping these entities in compliance with applicable laws.

He handles banking, capital market practices, insurance, real estate and construction, commercial and intellectual property issues through both litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods. He also acted as an arbitrator in numerous local and regional cases.

Ziad has been with Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants since 2021 starting as Of Councel and then promoted to being a Partner in the Corporate Department. He provides counsels and legal services to a variety of entities operating within UAE, Lebanon and abroad. He uses his knowledge to ensure earnings’ retaining, structuring groups and transactions that help minimize the encumbrance of dual or repeated taxation.

He is collaborating with our firm for cross-border issues. Ziad provides moderated, tailored, and effective legal advice in the diversity of practice areas and serves as a valuable business partner.

Academic Qualifications
>Commercial Litigation
>Capital Market Practices
>Copyright Litigation
>Corporate Structure
>Financial Litigation
>Corporate Litigation
>Bankruptcy Litigation
>Franchises & Franchising
>Intellectual Property
>Joint Ventures
>Mergers & Acquisitions
>Offshore Services
>License en Droit, Université Saint Joseph, Lebanon – 1996 – 1998
>DES Civil Private Law, Université Saint Joseph, Lebanon – 1992 – 1996
> Admission to Beirut Bar Association – 1997