Combating Rumors and cybercrimes

The UAE legislative authority has issued a new law to amend the laws and regulations on combating cybercrimes. The new federal decree...
28 May 2024
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When is a cheque considered forged?

Can we consider a different signature or modification of the correct one admitted by the withdrawal of the cheque as an act...
28 Mar 2024
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The New DIFC Amendment Laws for 2024

This article was written and assisted by Jude Senanayake and Rayan Bagundang, Paralegals   DIFC Amendment Law No. 3 of 2024 This...
18 Mar 2024
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Mental health in the workplace

A safe and healthy work environment is a fundamental right for all employees. Federal Law No. 10 of 2023 on Mental Health...
07 Mar 2024
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The Role of Travel Bans in Mitigating Risks and Safeguarding Individual Freedom

Curious about the procedure? Wondering when and how to apply? Discover the answers and valuable insights in this delightful journey through the...
05 Feb 2024
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Federal Decree Law No. 20-2023

Federal Decree Law No. 20-2023 was issued amending some articles of Federal Decree Law No. 33-2021 regarding regulating labor relations   Pursuant...
31 Jan 2024
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The Nature of the Arbitration Clause in an International Commercial Arbitration

A well-drafted arbitration clause serves multiple essential functions, enhancing the efficiency of the arbitration process and, significantly, functioning as a robust mechanism...
11 Jan 2024
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You are at the cusp of closing a successful transaction or a settlement. The parties have agreed to terms and commercials and...
08 Jan 2024
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New provisions under the new Bankruptcy law

New provisions under the new Bankruptcy law Number 51 of the year 2023    On 02/10/2023, law number 51 of 2023 was...
02 Jan 2024
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