Our team comprises of the best Intellectual Property Lawyers in Dubai and UAE who can provide you with a range of intellectual property legal-related services. This includes amendments, enforcement, and litigation, registration, trademarks, renewal, industrial design, copyright and portfolio management.

Our intellectual property division specializes in handling all non-contentious and contentious intellectual property matters. We do everything in our power to provide our clients with the best advice and to protect them in all legal, commercial and regulatory disputes of their intellectual property.

What Is The Meaning Of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property covers everything that is developed in the mind. It may be designs, symbols, inventions, works of art and literature and any and all names, images and symbols used in business.

Intellectual Property Legal Services

Our legal services cover the following intellectual property aspects:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Labeling Compliance
  • Enforcement and Litigation
  • Domain Names
  • Consumer Protection
  • Patents and Designs (Research and development and Innovations)
  • And Much More


Our team can help protect your trademark by using their vast expertise and knowledge to help you properly register your trademark. We take care of everything related to registering trademarks properly right from the start. From properly classifying it like goods’ or services’ to using the correct legal language. As a result, this will help you meet all necessary trademark deadlines.

We use our knowledge and experience with UAE trademark laws and regulations and focus on avoiding any unnecessary expenses for you and your establishment.

We help trademark owners go through a practically effortless unique registration service. We will also work on your behalf if there is any trademark infringement to provide for a successful litigation while protecting your interests to the fullest legal extent.


We know how much of work and effort you put into bringing your innovative ideas to life. We also know that the last thing you would want to happen is someone else using your ideas. This is where our intellectual property lawyers in Dubai help patent your intellectual property rights like inventions and innovations.

Our team of Dubai advocates and legal consultants will take care of the full procedure. Starting from helping you file the right information to get your patent up to help you resolve any disputes for or against your intellectual property.


Copyright is one of the most diverse forms of intellectual property rights that are essential in protecting your innovative ideas and services. It helps authors and performers to legally establish and protect their copyright and neighbouring rights.

Our team of intellectual property lawyers makes sure no one can infringe on your copyright and will also help protect your interests if you are accused of copyright infringement.

No matter what intellectual property rights you may require, our legal team will work with you and use their network and provide you with all the legal help, guidance and representation you may require.

If you need any help with your Intellectual Property, just contact us by phone or use our form at the end of the page to send us a message. Our representatives will schedule a consultation and get in touch with you.