Significant change coming to End-of-Service/ Gratuity in the UAE

The UAE is set to undergo a substantial transformation in handling end-of-service gratuity for employees in the private sector where employers will...
14 Sep 2023
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Divorce Proceeding for Muslims and Non Muslims

When the communication link between spouses is severed, understanding becomes impossible, family problems escalate, separation between spouses becomes unavoidable, and divorce becomes...
31 Jul 2023
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The Interim Real-Estate Register in the Emirate of Dubai and its amendments

Dubai Law No. 13/2008 On the Interim Real-Estate Register in the Emirate of Dubai and its amendments Introduction: The Emirate of Dubai,...
12 Jun 2023
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Insurance Authority Board Decision

Insurance Authority Board Decision No. 33/2019 for the Settlement and Resolution of Insurance Disputes   The insurance sector in Dubai is regulated by...
26 May 2023
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APIs & IP Protection

What are APIs? Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become one of the most important features in the modern world, it is a...
11 May 2023
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New Commercial Agency Law

The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) Cabinet has issued Federal Law No. 3 of 2022, regulating Commercial Agencies in the UAE (the “New...
25 Apr 2023
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UAE Laws on the protection of Domestic Violence

In the United Arab Emirates and across the world, domestic violence is a prevalent and serious issue that affects people of all...
11 Apr 2023
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Top 5 Differences of The New Labour Law

41 years and 5 months was the time period between Federal Law No. 8/1980 (the “Old Labour Law”) and Decree Law No....
03 Apr 2023
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Chat GPT and its legal impact on society as a new form of AI

Chat GPT has recently became the recognizable internet tool of our time, it’s a software for conversation that imitates human responses and...
22 Mar 2023
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