Fady Abdelmaksoud Court Clerk

Languages : English

Location : Dubai, UAE

Fady is a court clerk in the Litigation Department. he graduated from Cairo University with LLB and Ain Shams University with master’s in criminal science and private Law and started working with HAS law firm from January 2023. he assists the Litigation Team with various legal matters relating to Dubai courts, federal courts.

Fady is a Court Clerk in the Litigation Department. He graduated from Cairo University with LLB in 2011 and from Ain Shams University with LLM in criminal science and private Law in 2016 and started working with HAS law firm from January 2023.


After completion of his law degree, Fady started working as a lawyer in Egypt as he is Registered with the Egyptian Bar Association since 2013. He came to UAE and worked at several prestigious law firms as litigation Associate and court clerk for more than 4 years, thereafter he has joined HAS law firm, where he assists the Litigation team in various legal matters.


Fady has experience in carrying out extensive legal research, drafting and preparing court documents, he has great experience with dealing with Dubai courts, federal courts systems and procedures.

  • Organizing Legal documents for memorandums and document bundles.
  • Dealing with legal procedures before UAE courts, public prosecutions, and police stations.
  • Dealing with ministry of economy procedures and system.
  • preparing Legal documents. E.g.: Legal Notice, Petitions, requests, …etc.
  • attending court hearings before case management division and rental disputes center.
  • Research in various UAE Laws.
  • Well-developed Drafting skills.
  • Well-developed analyzing skills
  • Personal Status, Criminal Law, Employment, Labor matters.
  • Litigation matters and procedures.
  • Well-developed IT skills.
Academic Qualifications
>2007 - 2011 Cairo University Bachelor of Law.
>2015 - 2016Ain Shams university. Master’s of law, criminal sciences and private law.
>-Applying risk-based approach and strengthening compliance with FATF measures.