Chat GPT and its legal impact on society as a new form of AI

Publish : 22 Mar 2023

Chat GPT has recently became the recognizable internet tool of our time, it’s a software for conversation that imitates human responses and interaction. The name of Chat GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer which is a language model that uses innovative learning to produce texts like what real human would do. Thus, the application was initially built to produce responses to the internet user’s questions however, it rapidly become the internet’s magic tool which allows anyone to have super capabilities and possibilities by using a very unique form of Artificial Intelligence, by one click any internet user can write a book or an article or even design a computer application, in this article we will get to know further on the Chat GPT application, how it works and what are the legal impacts on society from different perspectives.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a kind of chatbot in a form of AI “Artificial Intelligence “which can interact with the human in a very accurate way, Chat GPT is a mimic that can imitate the human response and capability in a very enhanced way. It has been developed by Open AI and it was launched on November 30th 2022 with an estimated value of USD 29 billion in 2023.

What Chat GPT can do?

Chat GPT can respond to millions of questions, it can write articles in any subject such as science, literature, and law. It can author a book, and a song, moreover, chat GPT can easily formulate chemical equations. It’s a significant intelligence form of a search engine which can produce any data in seconds. Recently it has been upgraded to chat GPT 4 which can use photo searching for the right answer.

The legal impact of chat GPT

There will be a lot of legal issues that may occur of using Chat GPT in the future which are:

1. Copyrights

The problem that might arise out of using Chat GPT is whether to consider the text produced using Chat GPT is copyrighted or not. In case of any dispute related to copyrights, the court of law must determine whether the element is copyrighted or not, for such determination, the court have to consider many criteria and one of these essential criteria is the element has to be a product of a human being.

It is worth noting that the UAE Federal Law No (38) of 2021 concerning copyright law has defined the author as the person who created the work, or the person whose name is mentioned thereon or if upon publication the work is attributed to him as being the author thereof unless otherwise proven. It should also consider as author, whoever publishes anonymous or pseudonymous work, or in any other manner, provided that there is no doubt as to the true identity of the author; otherwise, the publisher or producer of the work, whether a physical or juristic person shall be deemed as representing the author in the exercise of his rights until the true identity of the author is recognized.

During the year of 2011 there was a famous international dispute involving the copyrights of a selfie photo taken by a monkey which then had been published on the Wikimedia Foundation website. The photo was taken by the monkey and then published by photographer David Slater “the author”. Later on  when it was published on the Wikimedia Foundation it had been published without permission of the “author”.

The Court believed that the photo was taken by an animal which considers to be not a human “ the monkey” therefore meant the photo hasn’t been copyrighted.

This leads to the fact that the works or elements produced by Chat GPT might not have the legal protection of copyright since the element of human creativity does not exist.

2. The academic integrity

Another legal issue that might arise out of the usage of the chat GPT is the academic integrity since the it can produce texts or academic essays while most of the university rules and regulations strictly adhere to academic integrity rules, which are completely based on the transparency and integrity between the student and the university. The academic students have to produce text works and essays which they have to create without any pre-existing text or any help of a computer application or any kind of application to enhance it.

The issue of academic integrity might lead the students who use the Chat GPT to be subject to disciplinary action by the university.

Finally, we do believe that a lot of other legal issues will come up in the future by using Chat GBT and consequently, a lot of rules and laws should regulate the usage and consider its impact on our society.

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