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Managing and resolving legal disputes is key to securing commercial success. Our firm is a strategic partner for dispute resolution, with many of our clients opting for settling their cases on agreeable terms. With extensive experience delivering successful outcomes across the UAE, our seasoned lawyers can discern and advise on the best strategy for each case. Our expertise gives us the foresight needed to safeguard business interests and achieve success...

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05 May 2016


Dr. Ghandy Abu Hawash
Senior Partner
“Procedures to accept and register labor case Article No "6" for the Regulate Labor Relations Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 As amended by Federal Law No. 12 of 1986"

The sixth article of the law regulating labor relations has made it necessary for the claimant - whether the worker or employer – to put a request to the concerned labor office to hear the dispute in relation to any of the rights arising under the provisions of this law, and in the event this is not followed it will result in the case being dismissed before the competent court.

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The success of our firm is built on our outstanding track record. is built on our outstanding track record. is built on our outstanding track record. We have garnered an enviable reputation at local and international...