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Majdi Hamed Junior Associate

Languages : English & Arabic

Location : Dubai, UAE

Majdi is a Junior Associate in the Litigation Department. He has been living in the UAE for the past thirty years, during which he completed hisbachelor’s degree in law from Damascus University in 2015.


After completion of his law degree, Majdi worked at a prestigious law firm as Legal consultant, Case Manager, Junior Associate and thereafter hejoined HAS law firm, where he assists the Litigation and Corporate Departments in various legal matters.

Majdi has experience in carrying out extensive legal research and preparing court documents, drafting, and translating various agreements and legal documents for a variety of industries.


1- Drafting and amending Legal document. E.g.: Various kinds of Legal contracts, Legal Notice, Petitions, Settlement Agreements, Audit Reports.

2- Organizing Legal documents for memorandums and document bundles.

3- Research in various UAE Laws.

4- Always Maintaining the highest standards of client’s care.

5- Interviewing clients by telephone or face-to-face to address their issues.

6- Representing the client during business meetings or court hearings.

7- Drafting Claim analysis& study the case files and take the decisions to develop a sound action plan to achieve positive results.

8- Negotiating contractual legal clauses on behalf of the clients.

1- Well-developed Drafting skills.

2- Well-developed analyzing skills

3- Commercial Low, Criminal Law, Employment, Labor matters.

4- Litigation, Corporate and Commercial matters.

5- Drafting various kinds of agreements.

6- Well-developed IT skills.

Academic Qualifications
>Commercial Law
>Litigation Law
>IT Skills
>Drafting skills
>2010 – 2015, Damascus University, Bachelor of Law.