UAE Laws on the protection of Domestic Violence

Publish : 11 Apr 2023

In the United Arab Emirates and across the world, domestic violence is a prevalent and serious issue that affects people of all genders. It takes many forms. Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, and even sexual. In the UAE, domestic violence is governed by a variety of laws and regulations, including federal penal code and sharia law. Under these laws, domestic violence is a criminal offence and is punishable by imprisonment and fines. 

In 2019, the UAE enacted Federal Law No. 10 of 2019 on the protection from Domestic Violence, which provides legal protection to victims of domestic violence and sets out measures to prevent and combat such violence. 

Under this law, domestic violence is defined as "any act or behaviour that causes harm or physical, psychological, sexual or economic abuse or threat thereof committed by a family member against another family member." We can support you with family law issues.

The law provides several measures to address domestic violence, including: 

  • Protection orders that prohibit the perpetrator from contacting or approaching the victim or entering certain locations. 
  • Emergency protective orders that can be issued quickly in urgent situations. 
  • Counselling and rehabilitation programs for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. 
  • Criminal sanctions, including fines and imprisonment, for perpetrators of domestic violence. 
  • Education and awareness-raising campaigns to prevent domestic violence. 

To address domestic violence and offer support and protection to victims, the UAE has enacted several policies. The UAE has established shelters and hotlines for domestic violence victims, as well as legal and social support services. Additionally, the government has implemented campaigns and training programs aimed at educating the public on domestic violence. 

It is important to seek support and help if you are a victim of domestic violence in the UAE. If you are experiencing domestic violence, you may be able to obtain assistance from the police, hospitals, social welfare centres, or other organizations that provide support to victims of violence. 

If you are facing domestic violence in the UAE, it is essential to seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can explain your legal rights and options to you. They can advocate on your behalf to ensure your safety. As its common that domestic violence often underreported in the UAE and many cases of domestic violence often go unrevealed in the country due to social customs and habits. However, more women have been recently taking actions against their abusers. The said has impacted the incidents of domestic violence by 20% decrease in the number of Cases in 2022 after the escalation of the incidents reported to the competent departments. 

Overall, domestic violence is a serious and complex issue that requires the attention and efforts of governments, communities, and individuals to address and prevent. It is important for victims of domestic violence to seek help and support and for all members of society to work together to promote safe and healthy relationships. 

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