Eviction under Abu Dhabi Rental Law

Publish : 06 Nov 2023

In this article, we will begin discussing the rental law within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, focusing on the reasons and methods of tenant eviction as outlined in the latest amendments to the rental law.

The rental contract is one of the most crucial documents sought by residents within the United Arab Emirates. After signing a rental contract, inquiries often arise regarding the landlord’s right to evict the tenant, the conditions for eviction, and whether the law typically favors the tenant or the property owner.

The Abu Dhabi rental law was initially enacted in 2006, and it regulated the relationship between landlords and tenants. The most recent amendment to this law occurred in 2010, with subsequent ministerial decisions. According to these laws and amendments, we will shed light on the reasons for eviction as stated in the law:


  1. The primary and most common reason for eviction in all rental laws, not only in Abu Dhabi, is non-payment of rent, violation of contract terms, or the tenant’s use of the property for purposes other than what was originally intended.
  2. The second reason, which is exclusively in the Abu Dhabi rental law, is that if the landlord decides not to renew the lease and provides the tenant with a two months’ notice of this intention, the tenant shall evict for the law gives the landlord the right to request the eviction in such a manner.


It is important to note that the Abu Dhabi rental law differs from the rental laws of other Emirates, such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, and includes a legal provision that allows landlords to evict tenants at the end of the lease without specifying a reason, a facility not present in other Emirates’ rental laws.

In contrast, eviction reasons in Dubai’s rental law, for example, are specified clearly in the law, such as maintenance, renovation, sale or personal use, considering that the eviction request must adhere to conditions set by the law.

In conclusion, the eviction notice due to non-renewal of the lease in Abu Dhabi has become a method used by landlords to exert pressure on tenants to agree on the rental value determined by the landlord or they would have to face eviction.

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