With years of combined criminal law experience, our lawyers and consultants are committed to delivering superior performance and to providing the best defense available to those who are in conflict with Authorities or under investigation or prosecution for local or federal offences.

Our team consists of multi lingual criminal lawyers and consultants who have full rights of audience within UAE Courts and are committed to satisfying all expectations and demands.

We offer a 24/7 service for those in “trouble or conflict” with UAE Authorities. We are simply a telephone call away. The firm will respond immediately to all forms of correspondence and will ensure that high quality representation which embraces tireless effort and application of the highest ethical standards is provided within a seamless service of in house representation from initial consultation to case conclusion.

Representation is available for matters arising in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

The service provided shall be fully integrated and will be available in English and Arabic as is appropriate to the situation